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Every year, the Center hosts the Sanders Lecture with support by the Marc Sanders Foundation. This lecture is given by a distinguished philosopher of religion on a topic of their choosing. The 2016-2017 lecture was given by Nicholas Wolterstorff on the topic of "Repetition and Reenactment in Liturgy."

The 2013-2014 lecture was given by Bob Adams (Rutgers) on the topic of pantheism, the 2014-2015 lecture was given by Peter van Inwagen (Notre Dame), and the 2015-2016 lecture was given by Eleonore Stump (Saint Louis). 

Videos of past Sanders Lectures are available below:

Nicholas Wolterstorff (2016-2017): coming soon!

Eleonore Stump (2015-2016): The Personal God of Classical Theism

Peter van Inwagen (2014-2015): The Rev'd Mr. Bayes and the Life Everlasting

Robert Adams (2013-2014): Pantheism

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